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Latitude XPi

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The Dell Latitude XPi is a high-performance notebook designed for the business user at the office or on the road. A single battery can power the XPi for as long as five hours. Pentium Performance (133-MHz) and a full-range of features are packed into a lightweight (6.1 pounds), ergonomically designed system. Network connections are a breeze because the XPi is compatible with the Dell DeskDock Station and the Advanced Port Replicator (APR). Dell's Latitude XPi notebooks include the multimedia features business users demand: large SVGA displays, 16-bit SoundBlaster Pro sound and a PCI video graphics controller.

Best of all, the system is tested by Dell to be as durable as you demand. Maybe that's why the XPi was winner of PC Computing magazine's "Torture Test" two years running.

  • Pentium Power
  • Integrated Stereo Sound
  • Rugged and Lightweight
  • Network Ready
  • Long Battery Life
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Latitude XPI
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